Visa and Service Charges

 Service  Fee
 Türkiye Single Entry Visa Fee**  965 LYD
 Türkiye Multiple Entry Visa Fee**  1676 LYD
 Photocopy Service  1 LYD per page
 SMS Notification Service   10 LYD
 VIP Lounge Package  340 LYD
 Visa on Point Package 1500 LYD  

Note: Libyan citizens who are aged 16 or lower and 45 or higher are exempt from short term visa.

For third country nationals (non-Libyan) applying from Libya, Embassy Visa Fees are in US Dollars, listed below.
 Service  Fee
 Single Entry Visa Fee  60 USD+703 LYD
 Multiple Entry Visa Fee  190 USD+800 LYD

* Services that are marked are not available right now.
**Visa Application Offices will issue a service charge for handling each application which is listed above.

All fees are calculated per application and non-refundable.