Important Notice: All applications from our offices are made in person, hence the appointments are not taken only from third party individuals or companies. Taking the appointments also in person via our website ( or call centre number (‎+218 21-7132837) is preferred. Taking an appointment through any third party individual or company does not affect the result or processing time of the applications.

Visa and Service Charges

 Service  Fee
 Single Entry Visa Fee  277 LYD
 Multiple Entry Visa Fee  876 LYD
 VFG Service Fee**  300 LYD
 Photocopy Service  1 LYD per page
 SMS Notification Service *  10 LYD
 VIP Lounge Package  300 LYD
 Visa on PointTM Package *   1500 LYD

Note: Libyan citizens who are aged 16 or lower and 55 or higher are exempt from short term visa.

For third country nationals (non-Libyan) applying from Libya, Embassy Visa Fees are in US Dollars, listed below.
 Service  Fee
 Single Entry Visa Fee  60 USD
 Multiple Entry Visa Fee  190 USD

* Services that are marked are not available right now.
**Visa Application Offices will issue a service charge for handling each application which is listed above.

All fees are calculated per application and non-refundable.