Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Visa ?

Visa is a document proving that a foreign applicant has the legal right to travel to the border of that specific country to request entry from the border authorities of a country. A visa is given by a country’s diplomatic mission(s) and/or border authorities.Getting a visa does not guarantee entry to that country, the authority to grant enterance to the country is the border authority.

Important information on Visa Application

Visa applications, as a given, must be made in person.

Passports should not be in damaged condition. Even if you get visa on a damaged passport, it is possible that you are denied entry on that regard.

Your passport should be valid for at least six months after the intended date of departure.

Granting visas is a right of governance. For that reason, please keep in mind that your application might get rejected according to regulations.

You should be able to document your financial income to support your travel claim.

If you are unemployed or are not able to provide sufficient income for yourself and your dependents, you might be evaluated as a potential immigrant which will reduce the chances of getting a visa altogether.  

At what age Libyan citizens are exempt from visa?

Libyan citizens who are under 16 and over 55 years old are exempt from short term visas.

Where can I apply for a Visa?

You can apply for a visa directly at the Embassy or Consulates or through designated Visa Application Offices.

Do I have to make an Appointment to apply for a Visa?

Yes, you have to make an online appointment with the designated offices to make a Visa Application.

Will there be an Interview?

If required by the diplomatic mission, you may be called for an interview at the consular office.

When can I get my Visa upon submission?

Under normal conditions, visa applications are finalized within 8 days after the submission of the application. This period might get extended up to 45 days in individual cases, mostly when further investigation is required or your applying country and/or nationality is subject to a certain condition. This period may also increase if additional documentation is required.

How can I get my Passport back after the process ends?

You can come to the visa application offices to collect your passport and other returned documents (if any) within the designated hours of collection. An authorized representative with a written authorization letter can also collect your passport.

Who can’t get a Visa?

As international law dictates, allowing a foreigner to enter their land is a country’s right of governance. Every country has a black list for denying entry through their borders. Even a foreigner that is not in the black list can be denied entry if the diplomatic mission abroad deems the applicant to be a financial burden to the country itself or cause of distress for public order.

If my Visa Application is rejected, can I apply again?

If you have backed your application with supplying documents (financial documents or different reason to travel), you have the right to apply again for a visa. Please keep in mind that visa fees and service fees collected by the diplomatic missions are non-refundable even if your application is rejected.

What is Visa Violation?

Visa Violation is using the visa beyond the given validity period or for a purpose other than what was stated in the application. (i.e. working in that country with a tourist visa or overstaying for a term of two months with a visa that's only valid for 30 days)

What are the consequences of Visa Violation?

You might be deported from the country you are visiting. You may be banned entry to that country temporarily or permanently and/or you might pay a fine.