Important Notice: All applications from our offices are made in person, hence the appointments are not taken only from third party individuals or companies. Taking the appointments also in person via our website ( or call centre number (‎+218 21-7132837) is preferred. Taking an appointment through any third party individual or company does not affect the result or processing time of the applications.

Additional Services

VIP Lounge Package

Enjoy the luxury of our special lounge while making your visa application. You can just come to our lounge, have a drink while we take care of your visa application. This package includes Form Filling, SMS Notification and Photocopy Services.

Service charge for VIP Lounge Package is 300 LYD per person.

Travel Health Insurance

Ensure yourself against all hazards with the safety of the Insurance and Assistance companies in Turkey. You can get your Insurance Policy on the spot and apply for the visa immediately.

Fees for the Insurance service changes by the package and duration of travel. Please consult our Insurance officer at our Visa Application Offices.

SMS Notification Service

Not Available at the moment.
You can automatically track the status of your application from your phone. SMS Notification Service will notify you when your passport has come back for collection so you can come to pick it up.

Service charge for SMS Notification is 10 LYD per person.

Photocopy Service

During your application, some of your documents needs to be copied and accepted with the originals. For those documents, we offer to make copies on your behalf.

Service charge for Photocopy is 1 LYD per page copied.

Visa on Point Package

Not Available at the moment.

Working in a tight schedule? Don’t have time to get an appointment and travel to our offices for your visa application? With Visa on PointTM, we can come to your place to take your visa application at your convenience. This package includes Form Filling, SMS Notification and Photocopy Services.

Service charge for Visa on PointTM Package is 1500 LYD per person.